Cozyhollow Alpines

Carrie O'Brien Jelen & Loretta Brolsma

Thank you for your interest in our Alpine dairy goat herd. Ours is a small working herd of stylish animals that are consistent in type -- stressing production, structural correctness and size. Although there will always be room for improvement, we feel very pleased with our progress toward these goals. We have been raising goats since 1973. The herd is located in beautiful southeastern West Virginia.

Presenting our Champions:

Riviera 1*M


Michelle 1*M Sequoia 4*M Geneva 1*M
Shine 5*M Marilyn 2*M  

Congratulations to all these does on the completion of their championships. For more information on our does, please visit our Milking Does page.

We began official ITP DHIR testing as of spring 2000. Please note that DHI records are short of 305 days. Although we would like to see their full potential, we need time off. 

We participate in the Linear Appraisal program on a semi-annual basis. The herd was last appraised in July of 2005. We were thrilled that the entire herd appraised in the good to excellent range! Scores can be found on the animals' individual pages. 

Although the majority of the 2016 kid crop will be available, we do not necessarily offer for sale every kid born and reserve the right to retain any kid. We are now taking deposits for 2016. A limited number of milking does are usually available in the spring in addition to our kids. If you wish to purchase kids, bucks, quality milking stock, or bred does, please click on the For Sale button, or contact us, for availability. Our does are trained to an electric fence and have guard dogs. They are accustomed to both an electric milking machine and being milked by hand. 

Please contact us via the e-mail button or phone or write:

Cozy Hollow Alpines

884 Hunter Springs Rd

Greenville, WV 24945

 (304) 832-6581 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about a particular animal or lineage. The entire herd tests CAE negative. We test for CAE in West Virginia and also in Washington State to confirm our state's findings. None of our goats has ever had a CL abscess. In addition, all of our animals test negative for Johne's Disease and chlamydia. We dry treat our milking does in the fall to insure a low bacterial count when they freshen in the spring.